New Post Announcement

June 2, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I hope you don’t think I abandoned this blog. The truth is there just hadn’t been enough votes on the poll.

The whole point of the poll was to get everyone’s input on what they would like to know more about.

That said, there have finally been more votes, and it looks like the next topic will be why Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate Birthdays.

I am having a final tomorrow (I am a college student) and next week I have the rest of my finals, but I will try to make the post by the end of this week hopefully! So stay tuned for that and I hope everyone has been doing well and is eager to read the post coming up.

A HUGE Thank You to all who participated in the poll!

Also, this is not to say that the poll is over. Please do keep using it so I (or rather, all of you) can choose what the next topic will be after the one coming up!


2 Responses to “New Post Announcement”

  1. calyxie Says:

    How was the finals amor? 😀

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