Topics to be Addressed Soon

March 30, 2009

These are some topics I would like to cover in the coming weeks if there are  not sufficient “votes” on the poll (to the right of the blog).  If one of these topics interests you more than another please do let me know and I will give it priority as far as addressing it goes.

Topics to be Addressed soon:

  1. God’s Name- Is his name Jesus? Why is it important to know/use it? Etc.
  2. Jehovah’s Witnesses have often been called a sect. Are they really a sect?
  3. Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses go door to door and what message do they wish to share with everyone? In how many countries are Witnesses found?
  4. Trinity- Are God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit one? Or are they seperate? Etc.
  5. How did Jehovah’s Witnesses get their name?

As said above, if you would like to hear about one of these topics sooner, let me know via Comment. Please note that in order to Comment, you do not have to be a WordPress user. You simply must write a Name, and your e-mail address, to which I will not have access to (as it is simply used to process the comment and not for my use). If you are a WordPress user, you are more than welcome to use the Comment feature with your WordPress username and I can get back to you quicker.


2 Responses to “Topics to be Addressed Soon”

  1. copper30 Says:

    i am curious to know if you can count your blog for field service time 😉

    • LM Says:

      I hope you see this as I have no other way to respond to you.
      I’m guessing you are a witness?
      I am not sure if I could count this as service time. I never even thought of that! Because I am not addressing someone specifically or even know WHO exactly is reading my blog (like with letter witnessing) I’m going to say No, at least until I find out something definite.

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